Social Worker

A Social Worker describes their approach

Jo came to see me not long after his parents had split up and his mum's new partner moved in. He was feeling really stressed. I met with him by himself first time he came as he didn't want his mum to come in but later I met with him and his mum. I helped Jo's mum understand how Jo felt, missing his dad and not sure what his relationship with his mum's boyfriend was. They both agreed that Jo would still have time with his mum on her own and that her new boyfriend was not a replacement for his dad.

They had been really worried that because I am a Social Worker we might be talking about Jo going into care but I explained that in CAMHS, Social Workers tend to work as therapists and often do work with families. Obviously if I had concerns about a young person's welfare I would have to do something but that is the same for anyone working in CAMHS.


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